Solutions for Training Institutes

Thousands of training institutes around the globe conduct some sort of a final test at the end of their training courses on coaching. The disadvantage of these tests is that they are not perceived as beeing very trustworthy should the “trainer” and the “tester” be from the same company or sometimes even the same person. Thus, a certificate for having passed the final assessment for a coaching course, issued by the trainers of the coaching corus, is of very little value for the participants.

The ICA offers to conduct the final assessment of the participants of your coaching training course. Generally speaking, our cooperation with training institutes which offer further training courses in coaching can be broken down in two major steps, which are also charged separately:

1. The ICA takes a very thorough look at the contens as well as the methodological framework of the entire course. We screen course materials and randomly attend individual training sessions to check trainer performance as well as various context variables. In order to ensure sustainable high quality, we monitor the quality of your training course on a regular basis. Your investment: 1800 € per year.

2. As a return on investment for your participants, the entire ICA assessment at the end of the course will be charged not with the normal price of 750 € per person, but with 650 € per person only.