Solutions for Companies

Companies need highly qualified coaches in order to guarantee its high-level employees highly effective coaching sessions with state-of-the-art coaching tools and interventions delivered by the best coaching experts on the market.
Unfortunately, the selection of external coaches is frequently dominated by personal networks, nepotism, sympathy and irrational decisions. The damage for the company hiring less qualified coaches can be devestating.

The ICA supports companies to either set up an internal pool of highly qualified external and/or internal coaches. And the ICA delivers solutions concerning the design of an effective selection process, which allows companies themselves to differentiate between good coaches and bad coaches. The ICA is able to design a taylor-made assessment center which enables your company to select exactly the coaches you need. Generally speaking, companies purchase two ICA-services in the following chronological order:

Construction of a taylor-made assessment center which helps you choose the right coaches for your company (e.g. for your internal “coach pool”). Your investment: 18 000 €
Training on how to conduct and continuously improve this assessment center without any external help. Your investment: 4000 €